Buying and Selling

Generally, we will begin our conveyancing process after you have secured a subject free Contract of Purchase and Sale with your Realtor. Just let your Realtor and Mortgage Broker (if applicable) know that you would like William Rutledge to act on your behalf and we will take it from there. 

(if you are selling a property that secures a mortgage or line of credit, please be prepared to provide us with your most recent mortgage or line of credit statement)

Family Transfers


Adding and removing an owner from the title on your home can become a more complex transaction then you might expect.  If there are any mortgages or lines of credit on the title of your property, the first step is to contact the secured lender to obtain their approval for any changes.  Contact us at the office for more information unique to your circumstance.


Death in the Family

In the unfortunate event of death, the deceased person must be removed from the title of any real estate they own.  Any property(ies) owned in joint-tenancy should be transferred to the surviving joint tenant and any property(ies) owned as tenants-in-common or solely must be transferred to the Estate of the deceased. Unfortunately, this does not happen automatically.  If you own a property in which a deceased person is on title, please have the original death certificate in hand and contact the office for further instruction.

Contract Preparation


Although we strongly recommend that you hire a realtor when buying or selling, we do offer Contract of Purchase and Sale preparation.  It is important to note that it is the Buyer’s responsibility to have a Contract and Purchase and Sale prepared and presented to the Seller.  We will not act for both the Buyer and Seller in any transaction.  If we prepare a Contract on behalf of the Buyer, we will act for the Buyer in which we have prepared the Contract of Purchase and Sale for.